The Journey of Mera Meru - Embracing the Beauty of the Incomplete

Childhood Creation:

Mera Meru, made by hand when I was a little kid. Never realized that this very thing would become part of my life and in a way that no other object or person can be. 

Unforeseen Transformations: From Clay Tile to Tortoise:

It was initially planned to be a decorative circular tile of clay, so you can see the hexagonal design on its back. But like most things in my life this too had its own plan I guess. Whenever I plan on doing something it takes a different turn as if being driven by some predetermined plan and things start shaping up in a more different direction.

The Forgotten Piece: Delayed Completion and Neglect:

After I had made a circular clay tile with hexagonal shape, it seemed to look incomplete in some way. I had some leftover clay and a thought flashed in my mind to just see if something more can be done to this circular clay tile. It gradually had hands and legs. No creature resembled such a shape, then I could see that it was always meant to be a tortoise. Maybe because previously I had seen a lot of tortoises in the day or something else, but the piece was made. I completed the clay model, gave it final touches and left it to dry. After drying and seeing that it looked quite satisfying I painted it with white color planning on giving it realistic colors later so that I could show it to my family. But again it never panned out that way, because things are never how they first seem to be. I kept postponing completion of the piece for some reason or the other. I guess I had also taken some inspiration from the piece by going slow like a tortoise, and in this manner it got so postponed and forgotten that I did not even realize that it was years since I had touched the piece

Rediscovery on the Computer Table:

So when I was looking at my empty computer table without any character to it I wanted to place something fancy on it to give it a more attractive look. That is when I found my old artifact, which was completely covered with dust.

Resurrecting the Artifact: A Coat of Colors:

I dusted the whole thing and just gave it a few shades of marker and pencil color because I had never decided on coloring it a certain way or never bought any colors for this poor little piece of incomplete art. After a coat of color was applied this piece seemed to have come back to life, as if it was always colored in these colors. They seemed to be easy and fast way to color this piece. I did two coats of coloring with the help of markers and pencil and the piece looked much better this way. So I felt that may be it was meant to have such colors and that this is the reason I never got a chance to color it earlier.

Reflecting on Unfinished Dreams and Unfulfilled Aspirations:

Now that it is all done and adorns the top of my computer table it reminds me of many such things that got left over in life due to certain circumstances knowingly or unknowingly and gives me hope that no matter what, I can always bridge the gap or try to fulfill that incomplete dream or do something that I always wanted to do. Also another thing about tortoises I got to know later is that they are considered to be a sign of good luck and that they bring prosperity. I don't know if that really is the thing, but this little piece of art is no longer just a lifeless piece of clay and color but a reminder of the things that were left or forgotten and which might give joy to the soul by just giving it another shot or just letting things take its own natural course and having patience.

Lessons from the Tortoise: Patience and Natural Course:

Maybe today a thing which seems to be a certain way may turn out to be something else in the future. Maybe the time for such thing is just not today but they are meant to be fulfilled tomorrow or any day in the future.

Life's Unexpected Turns: Embracing Change and Adaption:

Life is which happens to us when we are busy doing other things, and life moves on and takes its own natural course. We keep wondering how things turned out to be so different than what we had hoped for or planned for.

A Symbol of Hope: Finding Meaning in the Incomplete:

Life is constantly changing and designing a path, a path that may get ignored due to our preoccupation with other things but life is passing in the very tiniest minute and in little details that often seem to be insignificant. In the end all things; however, little or insignificant come together and when we care to be patient to see life for what it is we see a clearer picture, and things start making sense because they seem to fit so perfectly that no other way could have made it so beautiful or meaningful.

The Beauty of Small Moments: Significance in the Insignificant:

Let life take its own course and take pleasure in living each and every moment, because in the end things will turn out to be beautiful and pleasant as there is always a predetermined plan for everything.

Just something I wanted to say !