My School Days, fondest and happiest Memories of my LIFE !

Monday mornings bring back so much fond memories of by gone days.  My high school years were filled with adventure, joy and fun unlike the earlier years where I too was a well disciplined and sincere kind of boy.  Mornings are a time I remember the most because I was always sleeping late especially on Sunday nights and getting up early the next day was no way an easy task.  I never remembered what I had done in school the week before or had any homework left to complete. 

Just finding my uniform and getting dressed up was like an accomplishment in itself for me.  Since I woke up late there was no way on earth that I would get to school on time, so I never bothered to speed up my breakfast routine.  There was another reason for me to be stopped at the gates even if I reached school on time, then I would be stopped because of not regularly cutting my hair.  It was a boys’ only school and discipline started from maintaining well cropped hair to dressing properly and polishing shoes.  Apart from dressing up I did nothing.

So on Mondays I would always be stopped.  So after reaching school late I would either get remarked for indiscipline or get late remarks in my school diary.  And such remarks needed to be explained to the principal’s satisfaction and even after that they insisted on getting it signed by parents which meant more trouble.  I noticed that 5 minutes after morning assembly ended everyone got to their business and no one really guarded the gates.  I took advantage of this situation to the fullest and from then on I started going right after the gates were clear and never got late remarks any more.

The adventure did not stop there, as I was in high school and only having 1 more year left to finish school, boys in our class were impatient to do something more exciting.  There was a teacher in our class who did not bother much about attendance and we knew he would not notice if any boys were missing after a few minutes into the class.  We were present during the first minutes when attendance would be marked and then when the teacher turned his back to the class to write something on the blackboard we would gather nearer to the door and in a stealth mode sneak out of the class one by one.

When questioned by other staff members on finding us roaming on school grounds and corridors we used sports meet or other event practices as reasons to explain our not being present in class at that time.

 This became a routine in the last days of my schooling and we would eat in hotels, watch a movie or roam the neighbouring areas around the school for fear of raising suspicion when found on school grounds.  We were having so much fun doing it that later we got bold enough to approach other teachers and lied that we had some project work or needed to be present for event preparation and started skipping boring classes.

I will always remember and cherish those unforgettable memories when I was a carefree school boy !!!


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